Gaslighting FBI and Russia and CRT in AP course
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Gaslighting FBI and Russia, CRT hidden in AP course and spiking heart attacks in Oz

I open today’s show with an item that broke just as yesterday’s show went live. An FBI official was was part of the Russian Collusion investigation into Donald Trump has been arrested for – colluding with Russia. This is not a parody headline or something from the Babylon Bee. And what’s amazing is to see Leftists trying desperately to gaslight the history of the Russian collusion hoax.

While we know about all of the wrongdoing done by those agents, folks are now trying to convince their social media followers that now we know how Donald Trump isn’t behind bars. We are being told it’s because the FBI has been helping him all along. Yes, the same FBI that lied, cheated and hid evidence to hurt Donald Trump was helping him all along. The same agents written up by IG Horowitz were only pretending to be going after Trump. You have to forget everything you have learned about the weaponized FBI to believe they were secretly out to aid the former president.

I briefly covered six specific red-flags in proposed AP African American History course recently rejected by the state of Florida. It’s obvious the course is not teaching black history. It was intended to be an indoctrination course, built on propaganda and hate-filled rhetoric. So, I decided to spend a little more time today on it, by including a NY Post piece by Rich Lowry. While the media will do all it can to tell you one thing, the truth is very often the exact opposite.

This leads to a report from Australia about a 17% increase in heart attack deaths since 2022. Listening to their media, they try to blame it on anything else by the vaccine. It’s not even brought up as a possibility. It’s absurd to leave that item out of the story. Which brings me to a sound bite from Robert Kennedy, Jr. While I do not share many of the same political leanings with him, his commentary on the pandemic and government censorship is dead on the money. We have to stop allowing these public entities to use private companies to do their bidding as a means of circumventing the Constitution.

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