Logic fallacies allow the Left
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Logic fallacies allow the Left to believe in their false narratives

On today’s show, I open with the protests and commentary following the beating death of a black man at the hands of five black officers. Not fitting the normal narrative for the Left, I have noticed the shift in the grievance industry, adopting the same logic fallacies used by climate alarmists.

The logic fallacy occurs when a narrative is established and then anything that happens related to that narrative is proof of it being true. For example, with the climate alarmists, if we have a hot summer, that’s an example of climate change. But, if we have a cool summer, that is also an example of climate change. A wetter than normal year is an example, but so is a drier than normal year. They shape the premise around an emotional distortion (something is extreme or not normal) and that becomes the proof to uphold their narrative.

The race industry is now adopting that same methodology. The premise is racism and white supremacy is everywhere at all times. Thus, even when black officers in a predominantly black city, with an all black city council, black mayor and black chief of police, assault a black citizen, it must be due to racism. The institutions are all racists, therefore, all participants in those institutions are also racist. It’s their logic fallacy and you better not question them, because, after all, only a racist would do that.

The next major topic we dive into today is the latest Twitter Files release related to the media fraud known as Hamilton 68. Going through the thread by Matt Taibbi, we once again see how the Legacy/mainstream media is comprised almost entire of people who lack any skepticism or curiosity. They are dutiful propagandists who, like the race and climate alarmists, have a set narrative and everything must align with that narrative. So, when a fake dashboard is setup to intentionally label anyone who puts out more conservative tweets as Russian actors, the Legacy/mainstream media cannot wait to rush that nonsense to their audience. It meets a narrative they have – conservatives must like Donald Trump and they don’t like big government, so they are all Russian. See how that works?

Finally, I have to vent a moment over Ronna McDaniel being re-elected to chair the RNC. She is 0-5 and somehow this is a resume enhancement for her. She is being rewarded for failure, something Democrats have implemented for decades. Rather than abandon the GOP, my suggestion is to not send any money to the organization, but instead give it directly to the candidates themselves. I have always considered myself a Constitutionalist and if we all choose candidates who align with that document, as written, the better off we will be as Americans.

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