DEI and Hunter espionage
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Has DEI gone too far, FBI searches Biden beach home and possible Hunter espionage

Today, before diving into the ongoing Biden Crime Family issues related to classified documents and the sharing or selling of state secrets to foreign entities, I want to chat a little about DEI. For those who are not up-to-speed on the current woke vernacular, DEI stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. Let me say, on the surface, I believe we should all want to encourage a diverse society. I am all for giving anyone an opportunity, so long as they are qualified.

The civil rights era followed by the diversity movement was about trying to put an end to using demographic labels as a means of disqualifying people. However, I believe we have allowed that pendulum to swing too far the other way. Instead of ignoring qualified candidates who have those demographic labels, which is wrong, I think we are now hiring unqualified people by only looking at those demographic labels. Can we all agree, using those descriptive labels is wrong in either case? We should all be looking for the best candidate, period.

Onto my main point. I jokingly said on my radio show on Saturday, January 21, Joe Biden had gone to his beach home in Rehoboth, since the DOJ was still searching his Wilmington home, he was heading there to hide more classified docs. Well, turns out we are just now learning the FBI searched that very beach home over the weekend! And maybe there is good reason.

I recap the 22 point memo we discussed a week and half ago that shows Hunter Biden obviously had access to classified State Department material. Others in the new media and some in the Legacy media also reached the same conclusion. Now, we have at least two more instances of Hunter revealing his access to classified information and then sharing that information with foreign entities. This would the definition of espionage. On top of that, another email indicates Hunter was offering to sell classified information to the international aluminum company, Alcoa, for $55,000. So, not only does it look like we have evidence of Hunter Biden sharing state secrets, but also was offering to sell them to the highest bidder.

This is going to be an ongoing problem for the Biden Crime Family. At some point, the rest of the Legacy/mainstream media is going to have to come to terms with growing evidence of the crimes that have been committed and will have to report on them. Likely, they are all ready strategizing on how to best cover the story with the least damage possible to Joe Biden and the regime.

To end on a happier note, I bring you another episode of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. This time, she takes an audience on a descriptive journey of two astronauts getting ready for liftoff. And, as only Harris can do, manages to channel her inner Romper Room brain to help us all understand how amazing that feat is.

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