Chinese spy balloon
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Chinese spy balloon shows our weakness and spike protein in cancer cells

Today I get you caught up on all we know, thus far, about the Chinese spy balloon that drifted for a week across the United States of America. Let me open saying Joe Biden’s initial instincts were correct – shoot it down. However, as we know, Biden doesn’t really call the shots in his regime. His advisors convinced him to let it float along it’s merry way until it get over the Atlantic.

I then breakdown some of the story lines surrounding this event, including denial from former Trump era officials, concerns over our lack of response and whether or not General Mattis knew of prior instances and hid them from the President. Plus, after shooting down the balloon, Navy dive teams are trying to recover the debris. Now, China is saying the US “overreacted” in shooting down the balloon and then urged both side remain calm over this incident. There is a lot to still answer and unpack over the coming days and weeks and let’s hope we start getting that information.

The second subject relates to a discussion from Dr. Ryan Cole, who is a pathologist and a virology expert. During the height of Covid, he was telling the world that the other pandemic taking place was the pandemic of vitamin D deficiency. He reminded his colleagues vitamin D insufficiency leads to a suppressed immune system.

Well, as fate would have it, my good friend, Stacey Lennox at PJ Media, who saw my discussion about it, shared a brand new story from Dr. Ryan Cole. This one is much more concerning. As a guest on the Dr. Drew show, Dr. Cole mentioned he was seeing cancer cells were also containing spike protein cells. In other words, there seems to be a link between cancer onset (or return for those who were years in remission) and those cells also containing the spike protein.

While he suspects the vaccine, he is ethical enough to say it could be Covid itself, but that isn’t what he is seeing, which is why he is pleading with his colleagues to start tracking the same datasets and sharing that data. As he adds, how can any physician uphold their oath of “do no harm” if they don’t have the data themselves?

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