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Most feel economically worse off plus Dems love socialism, but always misrepresent it

Today we must open with the ABC/Washington Post poll that dropped over the weekend. In that poll, which has been conducted for 37 years, never has a sitting president done more poorly than Joe Biden. The poll asked Americans about how they feel economically and financially. Only 16% said they are doing better under Biden. 41% said they are doing worse, while 43% said around the same, but not better. That’s stunning, folks!

Biden’s economic adviser, Brian Deese even tried to lie about the poll in front of the Washington Press corps. He literally said that poll states 2/3 of Americans are doing better under Biden’s leadership. You know it’s bad when the propaganda wing of the Democrat party has to throw the B.S. flag on that one. After laughing it off, he did his best to dodge the question saying more needed to be done, but they are on the correct path.

Ironically, it’s been Biden and Deese who have repeatedly said the proof of economic success lies in the feelings of the average American. If that’s the case, this Administration continues to do what Biden does best, fail miserably and then lie to the American people.

This leads to an overall discussion on how the government does not create jobs, products or services. They only way the government can hire someone is they have to confiscate money we have earned, in the form of taxes, to allow them to pay their salary. In essence, the government is supposed to work for us, not the other way around. Yet, there are enough liberal elites and a wide swath of politically ignorant people on the Left who are convinced our government is already mostly socialist and we should continue to embrace socialism. 100 Democrats even refused to denounce socialism in the House of Representatives!

So, I spend the remainder of the episode trying to undo the damage done by the halls of academia, the press and Democrats when it comes to understanding socialism. Whether we are talking the military, our roads, the police department, fire department, or whatever, those are NOT examples of socialism. Leftists will try to convince you they are, thus proving it’s a great form of governance. When you finish today’s show, you will not only have a full understanding of why none of them are examples of socialism, but also will be armed with the ability to combat such wanton and purposeful lies they will continue to foist on the American people.

Oh, and my closing is a reminder of today’s State of the Union address. You will not have to endure it if you do not want to. Yours truly will take on the task of watching it so I can report on it tomorrow. It’s a tough job, but I’m willing to do that for all of you!

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