Mis-State of the Union 2023
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Biden’s Mis-State of the Union 2023 and minority response

Today’s show is 100% focused on the Mis-State of the Union 2023, where President Joe Biden delivered, at times, one of the most divisive, anger-fueled speeches with utter lies and flagrant misrepresentation of facts. It was grievance-ridden and depressing. And that was after he opened with how he wants to see us all united and working together. Apparently, for Joe Biden, “united” means the opposition must surrender and do everything he tells them to do.

With that, let me tell you today’s notes will be a little shorter. After all, there is one topic today and I need you to spend your time listening to the episode rather than just skimming over the notes. In my discussion, I do not get into every single subject Biden covered in his 75+ minute speech. However, I do get into all of the major moments and the division, lies and obfuscation he foisted upon the American public. From creating jobs, to taxes and paying “fair share” to corporations needing to be taxed more to lying about the GOP wanting to end Social Security and Medicare, I bring you his words and my analysis. We also look at his anger and rage at points throughout the speech and close with, for me, one of his most disgusting moments of pandering to the “black and brown” Americans who were listening.

After the speech, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sums up his thoughts on the speech and it runs, not surprisingly, right in line with how I viewed it. Then, we move right to the minority response from Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR). We spend time on two of her lines that help illustrate the difference in the two parties as they exist today. In the space of those two bites, it becomes crystal clear which party is about freedom, liberty and limiting the power and scope of government and which one wants to rule in an authoritarian way.

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