Michigan shooter and mRNA
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Michigan shooter, inflation is up, demographic hiring and mRNA sticks around

Today I have no choice, but to open with the shooter on the campus of Michigan State University. I hate talking about a “mass shooter” in the first 24-48 hours because we never have the right information. However, I had to address how the memo went out last night across our fruited plain to make sure they never mention the age, race or prior criminal background when reporting the story. Had I not already known better, I would have thought it was a student or a professor, who brought a machine gun on campus and went out in a blaze of Rambo-like glory. The Legacy/mainstream media willfully chose to not provide pertinent details of the story.

This leads to a discussion over gun laws, gun-free zones and how criminals behave. When we decided to punish the lawful and go lenient on the law breakers, what do we expect will happen? We put fish in a barrel and then are stunned when they are easily made into victims. Michigan had dozens of law in place to prevent bringing weapons on campus, yet, someone, a 43 year old black man with a prior felony gun charge was able to walk on campus with one and shoot people.

That wasn’t supposed to by my main talking point today. So, I next move into the January 2023 inflation number. The media was giddy with it being down .1%, from 6.5% in December 2022 to 6.4% in 2023. They all had to say it was 7 months of decline in the year-to-year number. I compare this number to the two year CPI and we see the real story. I then look at real wages, which are down 1.8% year-to-year and it’s even worse. Then we look at the month-to-month numbers and realize inflation is actually up .5% from December to January. Even a former Obama economic advisor, Jason Furman, says it’s bad and anyone telling you otherwise should make you nervous.

This leads to another reminder over using demographics as the only means of hiring someone. It’s just as dumb to hire solely based on demographics as it is to eliminate someone for the same reason. Pete Buttigieg joked yesterday at a conference about balloons, while never once mentioning the ecological train disaster in Ohio.

Then I take a moment to share a bit of a tin-foil conspiracy thought that keeps running through my head. But, because I am self-aware enough to know it comes across as a conspiracy theory should give me the benefit of the doubt.

Finally, I end with a discussion from Dr. Peter McCullough who summarizes some recent peer-reviewed literature about mRNA flowing through the bloodstream at least 15 days after injection; about mRNA being found in the lymph nodes a full 8 weeks after injection and mRNA being found in breast milk. He goes so far as to say, “It (mRNA) is everywhere. It’s in oral secretions. It’s in your genital secretions. It’s in sweat. It’s in breast milk. We don’t know when this clears out of the body.”

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