Where is Pete and the Cochrane Library study on masks
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Where is Pete and the media? Gaslighting on inflation? And the Cochrane Study on masks

Today we return to the ongoing story of the train car derailment in East Palestine, Ohio where we have still not seen Pete Buttigieg or the Biden Administration doing anything substantive about it. Our Transportation Secretary is more worried about whether or not construction sites have enough demographic representation than he is about the nations road and railways.

Residents, after being told just two days after officials decided to ignite the chemicals to burn them off instead of doing a proper clean-up, that they could return home, they are now suggesting drinking bottled water. People have been back in their homes for 6-7 days and they are just now suggesting bottled water. Plus, EPA officials are suggesting a heavy dusting around homes where dust gathers to collect any particulates. And, by the way, they said the particulates are too small for masks to be effective. Remember, viruses that are even smaller are supposedly defeated by a mask, but not toxic chemicals floating in the air.

After that, we look at just how bad the Administration is at lying about inflation, wages and the economy. Karine Jean-Pierre is incapable of saying anything of substance without just reading from prepared talking points. It just so happens, whomever wrote the talking points is trying to gaslight the entire country into thinking inflation is down, wages are up and Biden’s economic policies are giving us room to breathe. You cannot make this up, folks. And, on top of that, the whole “room to breathe” line is an anecdote Biden has been telling for so long, it’s just another line he repeats without thinking.

And it’s ironic the topic of masks came up related to the chemical contamination in East Palestine. I mentioned this before, but wanted to bring it up again for the benefit of the audience. The Cochrane Library, considered one of the most well respected and esteemed research centers in the world, determined that masks made little to no difference throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic. What’s amazing is how something so “newsworthy” is not worthy of so many news outlets, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. Yet, those same sources have run thousands of stories on how to wear them, how to pick them out, which ones are better and even repeated studies shown to be shoddy in their work only because it supported the narrative. Similarly, the CDC is equally quiet about the worldwide study. It’s as if journalists are really not interested in the news, just in telling you what they want you to believe.

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