woke Michigan DA led to MSU shooting
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Inflation rising, woke Michigan DA led to MSU shooting, still no Pete and Uncle Tom

Today is one of those shows where I felt I had to come back around to some of the news that’s been discussed over the last few days. Wholesale inflation is rising just as core inflation is rising, but the president continues to lie about it. Governor Whitmer in Michigan is not letting a crisis go to waste as she decides what additional freedoms can be taken away from law-abiding citizens. And, with the ongoing concerns in New Palestine, OH, one has to wonder if it all doesn’t come back to promoting people based only on demographics and not competence. And a Georgia state senator completely mischaracterizes the plot of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, but uses it as a slur against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Brown.

First, we have to accept inflation is back on the rise. We are at or above 14% for the last two years, while wages have declined by almost 2%. Joe Biden continues to lie to Americans, leading us to conclude he is just reading words from a screen and is clueless to the realities we are facing in our country. He is nothing more than a meat puppet on stage.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer put out weepy video, committing to doing something to make sure no one is ever shot again in the state of Michigan. I’m not sure how she intends to accomplish it, but she says she will. She said the time for thoughts and prayers is over and it’s time to do something. Well, Gretchen, here’s an idea, why not enforce the laws you already have on the books? And, while you are at it, maybe fire all of your woke DA’s who believe in punishing the law-abiding and the police, while forgiving the actual criminals. Carol Siemon resigned from her DA position midway through her term because even fellow Democrat sheriffs were fed up with her. The most damning quote from Sheriff Scott Wigglesworth was when he said, in 2021, “This is personal to me because I know this policy is going to get someone killed…” Congratulations, Governor Whitmer, he was right.

U.S. Senator JD Vance is still trying to get to the bottom of the train derailment. There are so many failures stemming from the accident and the regime has yet to act. To me, this isn’t a purposeful act of a cabal of global elites trying to kill people. I think we are seeing the results of hiring people based solely on descriptive labels and woke ideology than qualification or competence.

We then move to a Georgia State Senator, Emanuel Jones, who literally called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom. And, while doing so, demonstrated his own ignorance, bigotry and hatred. He doesn’t know the plot, doesn’t recognize the hero of Tom and beclowns himself and his constituents. He is an embarrassment to his state and to all Americans.

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