Pete's draggin' Putin's sabering J6 erupting
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Pete’s draggin’, Putin’s sabering, J6 erupting and the Lemon squeeze

Today we open with a quick sound bite from Tucker Carlson, confirming his team has been given unfettered access to over 44,000 hours of the J6 security footage. I’m sure he would have rather waited to have something to reveal, but with Axios breaking the story and us talking about it yesterday, he had to make a short comment.

Some of the big issues happening today relate to Putin’s ongoing saber-rattling, likely as a result of what the Biden Administration did to sabotage the Nord Stream 2 pipelines. After all, even Germany is throwing in with China and Russia in wanting to find out the truth. In the meantime, Dutch intelligence officials are warning that Russian chatter indicates they are planning to disrupt oil and gas pipelines and wind farms in the North Sea. At the same time, Putin announced his withdrawal from the current Strategic Arms Treaty, saying he was going to deploy nuclear missiles and potentially return to conducting nuclear weapons testing. The continued poking of the Russian bear by our weak and feckless Administration is going to trigger a reaction no one, left or right, should want.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson gaining access to the J6 videos, the now disbanded J6 Committee are going bananas! The script was written and nearly all of them are calling Tucker a Russian operative (or stooge) who gets his marching orders from the Kremlin. It’s obvious, the committee who selectively edited videos and choose only a fraction of them for political purposes, is concerned their narrative will be blown apart.

Finally, Don Lemon has not yet returned to his morning show duties since his ageist, sexist remark about women. Initially, it was said he had taken Friday off and Monday was President’s Day, but some sources are saying even the D by his name isn’t going to save an already sinking ship. It seems even a rabid Leftist can push things too far.

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