Charity v Theft and Fraud Fauci
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Charity v Theft with student loans then the FBI believes lab leak and Fraud Fauci’s coverup

Today I open with the un-Constitutional argument from the Biden regime for student loan forgiveness, which leads to a discussion about theft versus charity. And, let’s be clear, the President knows he has no authority to cancel student loan debt, but he acted as though he could solely as a means of helping Democrats during the midterms of 2022.

The next topic returns us to the discussion of the Lab Leak theory. Beyond the release over the weekend of that belief by the Department of Energy, did you know the FBI has believed that for a long time now? Did you miss that on the news? I know I did. But, according to an interview with Brett Baier, FBI Director Christopher Wray says the FBI has known for some time now, that the lab leak was the most likely origin for the pandemic.

I believe this further bolsters my suggestion from yesterday’s show where I said the Energy Department’s finding were meant as a shot across China’s bow and it worked. They have since commented how this is nothing more than disinformation and a Cold War tactic. So, Christopher Wray fires a second shot across the bow.

It angers me to hear these agencies finally admit they have known for a long time about the origin of the Sars-Cov-2 release. However, we have an even more diabolical member of our government we must turn to for having forced this nation to not hear the truth for nearly three years. Dr. Anthony Fauci knew it came from a lab, but lied about it and mocked those who said it. Dr. Anthony Fauci knew taxpayer funds had gone toward gain-of-function experiments in the Wuhan Lab and immediately took steps to hide it. And, Dr. Anthony Fauci knew others in his sphere were aware of the genetic manipulation of the virus and chose to pay hush money with even more taxpayer money going toward bigger grant payouts.

Imagine how many lives were lost because Dr. Fauci wanted to protect his culpability in this? Imagine the damage done to our economy and to so many lives because of his mass propaganda campaign to silence the truth from the outside, enlisted help from the useful idiots in media and Big Tech. What he’s done is beyond reprehensible and I can only hope he is held accountable.

Finally, in a very short segment, we have to acknowledge the end of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s negligent reign in Chicago. While there is a runoff still, she conceded her third place loss last night. So, to honor her, I bring in the comedy stylings of Jim Gossett, who sings a Chicago based parody song to honor the end of her term as mayor.

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