Real women J6 and Taliban side-deals
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Real women, J6 footage and feds, FBI raid, Taliban side-deals and Truth

Today opens with my explanation of why I tweeted yesterday my decision to stop consuming any Hershey product. I do not believe in organized boycotts. Everyone is an individual, thus, everyone should make up their own minds over who they want to support and what products to buy or skip. When Hershey decided to honor women by putting a man who thinks he’s a woman as a spokesperson, I decided I will no longer support their products. They wanted to weigh-in on woke ideology, so they can do without my money.

Second, I get people are impatient and we want to see action, but folks are getting really upset that Tucker Carlson hasn’t already released stories based on the J6 footage. I need to remind you that 41,000+ hours is equivalent to 4.6 years of content to review. It may take some time to make sure they dot their i’s and cross their t’s before they rush to the cameras. The Left is going to look for any mistake (not matter how innocent) to throw the whole thing under the bus. Let’s give Carlson a little more time before we start to complain.

This leads into a piece by Julie Kelly in American Greatness. Her piece reference a brand new Rasmussen Poll that says more than three-quarters of U.S. voters – including a majority of Democrats – want secret footage withheld by the government to the events of January 6 released to the public. Plus, a majority of all parties suspect federal agencies played an animated role in what happened on January 6.

Need more evidence of the weaponization of the agencies of the Executive Brach, let’s go to the Washington Post (not exactly a right of center publication). According to the WaPo, FBI agents wanted to close the Trump document probe, but DOJ and FBI leaders pushed for a raid. You heard that correctly. It was the leadership, including the office of the Attorney General, who wanted to make a public spectacle of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. It was always political and continues to show just how broken our government has become. We continue to show you how we have a two-tiered justice system.

And while we are seeing the DOJ and senior FBI leadership are okay inventing reasons for their raid on Mar-a-Lago, did you know the Inspector General for the Pentagon is now saying Biden is withholding classified documents showing his regime negotiated with and showed preference to the Taliban over our own U.S. troops.

I close with two bites from CPAC and a speech given by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA). First, he challenges us to speak our minds and to champion the truth, versus other people’s beliefs. Second, he reminds us, we do not hate anybody. Just because we do not subscribe to the woke, virtue-signaling narrative of the unhinged Left, doesn’t mean we hate them. We can hate their ideas, but let’s not let them paint us as hate-filled people. Do not let them set that premise and refuse to let them drive their narrative. We all have to stop being bystanders and start taking control of our own lives.

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