Conversation with Georgia State Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson
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Conversation with Bruce Thompson, Georgia State Labor Commissioner

Today’s bonus episode is my sit-down conversation with Georgia State Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson. Bruce has been a long-time, successful businessman and entrepreneur who decided to get into local politics years ago. As a state senator for Georgia during the Covid outbreak, he found many of his constituents were reaching out to address problems and concerns with the DOL. After working to look for a possible candidate, it seemed he was ignoring his own calling to run for that office. Having knowledge of both private industry and the public sector, made him a unique candidate for the position.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Bruce as he recounts his past experiences, his current challenges and his future goals. He truly wants to transform the department to make it more efficient, more secure and more customer-focus driven. He is creating a culture of openness and cooperation, where value is placed on the individual and on the mission of the Department of Labor.

Thompson shares a few stories from his first days in the role to where he is now at the midway point of his first 100 days in office. He plans to check back with us and the people of Georgia soon after for a status check. He knows he has multiple priorities, each equal to the other, which provides it’s own challenges. Ideally, if he can successfully change the culture within the DOL, he believes they will become one of the most efficient and production Department’s of Labor in the nation.

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