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SVB collapse not from deregulation, but from woke ESG policies

Today we continue to examine why Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and how it has nothing to do with not enough regulation, red tape or bureaucracy. The reality is, we are dealing with massive inflation. Even today, the CPI number showed a month-to-month rise of .4% and a year-to-year rise of 6%. Keep in mind, the year-to-year number for March of 2022 was 8.5%! In just two years, you are spending 14.5% more for consumer goods, on average, since Joe Biden came into office and reversed every policy of the prior Administration. 

So, we have record inflation and we have had massive borrowing and we have over-valued and over-inflated stocks, IPOs and organizations. It turns out, there is another major contributor to the bank collapse and it’s their intentional focus on their ESG scorecard and underlying DEI policies. By choosing to ignore tried and true risk assessment models, their adherence to the woke agenda has then believing in magical promises of Green New Deal technology and that LGBTQ focused companies will automatically make them winners in the marketplace.

Diversity is great, but not for the sake of having it. You cannot discount qualifications just to be able to stand up in a room and say, “Look at all this diversity! Doesn’t that make us a successful institution?” When the SF Reserve Bank was more worried about fighting climate change and social inequity than on watching SVB go rogue, then you have a serious breakdown in job responsibility. When Jay Ersapah, the Risk Assessment Manger at Silicon Valley Bank, spent months launching and leading LGBTQ campaigns for the company instead of watching for investment red flags, then they are doomed to fail.

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