Suspicious activity reports and DOJ coverup
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Biden’s end-around the 2A, suspicious activity, DOJ coverup and more on SVB collapse

Today we open with news of the Treasury Department finally turning over the Suspicious Activity Reports from at least one bank to the House Oversight Committee investigating the Hunter Biden laptop. Those banking records are giving Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) the concrete trail that coincides with the emails from Hunter’s laptop.

In conjunction with their investigation, thanks to the work of journalist Paul Sperry, we also know the Biden Justice Department is being accused of hiding evidence of Biden-China corruption. Thanks to the chain of emails we do know about, coming from the Hunter Biden laptop, we are starting to piece together chains of evidence used to prosecute those who have had business dealing with the Biden Crime Family. The specific case referenced was the DOJ’s prosecution of Patrick Ho who represented CEFC China Energy and funneled over $6 million dollars in payments to the Biden family.

While this investigation is finally gaining some traction, Sleepy Joe is now doing an end-around of Congress by directed AG Garland to pursue universal background checks. He is literally throwing the Constitution of the United States of America away and acting as an emperor of the land.

And, to show how dead on the money we were yesterday in detailing why Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, we get a comment from Canadian-American investor Kevin O’Leary, who called out the SVB “idiot bank managers” who led the bank to its demise. He also noted that by coming to the rescue, the Federal Government was essentially nationalizing the bank. It also sends a terrible message to other banks that poor leadership and dumb investing will not lead to any consequences.

Then we close with comments from Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) from today’s U.S. Senate discussion on the U.S. Banking System. He points out three ways SVB could have avoided collapse and all of those were things we pointed out yesterday. It had nothing to do with any deregulation; it was solely about incompetence from the bank, to the Federal Reserve to the Treasury Department. People were not focused on doing their jobs. We must put the blame where it belongs instead of looking for politically convenient straw men.

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1 thought on “Biden’s end-around the 2A, suspicious activity, DOJ coverup and more on SVB collapse”

  1. It was so outrageous what was going on at many levels for so many years that an exasperated Rudy Giuliani could find no other way than to describe the organized group as “The Biden Crime Family,” and he prosecuted Mafia cases so he could see the apt comparison. But actually the banking evidence is totally innocent. What actually happened was the interception of a phone call that was misinterpreted. Ya’ see, Santa Claus has an account and while he was discussing climate change and getting his elves jobs in the banking system, he was overheard saying, “Ho, ho, ho.” But he didn’t mean Patrick Ho. He was just happy that they would keep the North Pole frozen and not allow drilling for oil.

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