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DEI bureaucracy at the heart of weaponizing government against free speech

Today we need to take a hard look at the bureaucratic policies being put in place to push a prejudiced and bigoted agenda of promoting people and ideas solely based on outside labels and demographics. It was wrong to exclude people for positions based purely on those superficial labels and it is just as wrong to only look at those labels.

Before we dive into the DEI discussion, it’s worth noting a couple of items from over the weekend. According to social media posts from Donald Trump, news agencies are saying the NYC DA Alvin Bragg is going to have him arrested on Tuesday for the hush money payout to porn star Stormy Daniels. What is little more than a misdemeanor at best is going to be weaponized for political expediency. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida weighed in momentarily on the subject. While holding a press conference to discuss steps his state is going to take to avoid a centralized bank digital currency scheme, he was asked about the possible arrest of Trump.

DeSantis, as always, took apart the woke, virtue-signaling agenda with ease. In short he concluded, “We won’t be involved in this. I have no interest in getting involved in some type of manufactured circus by some Soros DA…He’s trying to do a political spectacle. He’s trying to virtue signal for his base.”

The second item was a lawsuit filed by Hunter Biden against the computer repair store owner for disseminating his private information. Well, if you were still on the fence over whether or not the laptop was real, what more do you need to convince you? The owner of the laptop is suing the computer store owner for spreading his personal information online. Too bad Hunter didn’t read the fine print of the contract he signed. By failing to pay, pick or even respond, he has forfeited all rights and ownership of his material, to include any and all intellectual property. In a sense, he signed over everything to the store owner by failing to pay for services or pickup his equipment.

Finally, I close with an explanation of just how infested the DEI bureaucracy is in our government. In a recent Executive Order (14091) signed by Joe Biden, it requires all agencies to produce equity action plans and to create equity action teams in each federal department. It’s blatant discrimination. They are not looking for qualification or merit. They simply want to reward the right profiles and punish the wrong. If we continue down this path, innocent people are going to ruined, physically harmed or even killed because of sheer incompetence.

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