Biden's veto and CCP payments to Biden Crime Family
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Biden’s veto, bank trail of the Biden Crime Family and erasing women

Today’s show opens with a soundbite from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen saying the banking industry is “stabilizing” and “the U.S. banking industry remains sound.” Well, how do you reconcile those two conditions? If It’s beginning to “stabilize,” wouldn’t the suggest they are unstable at the moment? If so, how is that “remaining sound?” I think we have yet another example of magical-thinking, which is more likely given her track record.

This leads to Joe Biden’s produce video explaining why he has decided to veto a bipartisan bill meant to not force financial investors from having to invest a certain amount into ESG approved and DEI sanctions investments. He is quite literally telling us they need to invest in those areas, even though they are almost always over valued and under-perform.

Perhaps the veto and the work by the NYC AG Alvin Bragg to arrest Donald Trump is all about getting the headlines off of the released bank records from the House Oversight Committee showing massive payouts to the Biden Crime Family from the Chinese Communist Party. This begs the question, if you are all for Trump being indicted and arrested for a campaign filing issue that has never amounted to more than a misdemeanor until now, why wouldn’t Biden’s financials be ten times more concerning? Do you think a hush-payment to a porn star would compromise the President and the national security of our nation more than payoffs from the Chinese Communist Party? If you are going to call balls and strikes evenly, how do you reconcile these two separate happenings?

Minnesota State representative Kaohly Vang Her beclowned herself while trying to make a point about men playing in women’s sports. She tried to downplay it by saying very few ever make it to the professional level, so why worry about a few men who believe they are women. She misses the real point of her argument. Because so few make it, why are we allowing a man to steal one of those spots from a deserving female athlete? It’s the erasure of women because of a mentally unwell need to redefine words and terms to suit the thinking of those who live in a world of make-believe. When we erase truth, we are left with chaos and that leads to anarchy. Is that really the direction we want for our great nation?

Mirroring my own thoughts, former Democrat representative from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, voiced her concerns over the harm being committed to women who are being overshadowed and told to be quiet about it and just accept it. It’s wrong on every level. We must stop caving to the mentally unwell. Let them live as they choose, but stop letting them force their deranged views on the rest of us.

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