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What have we been missing while preoccupied with talk of a Trump indictment?

Today we open with a reminder that it looks like NYC DA Alvin Bragg has gone down in flames in his promise to bring an indictment on former president Donald Trump. While that was a newsworthy story, it seemed odd to me it was taking up all of the oxygen in the news cycle. So, what have they not been covering while keeping us all fixed on the shiny bauble?

Could it be the failing banking system? Are we seeing the Cloward-Piven Strategy being brought to bear intentionally? They know we won’t accept a central-banking model as of right now, but what if they crash the banking sector? What if the plan is to overwhelm the system so it can be taken over and in our chaotic panic, are told the only way to save our economy is to institute a central bank digital currency? We need to push back against this now!

China has been making news lately, but doubt it’s been covered much in local news. They are making moves on the world stage to be the power broker normally reserved for the United States. And, with so much money behind the scenes, we know China has a policy that you may never say anything negative about them. Whether it’s for cheap labor, cheap parts or entertainment sales, China gets a free pass. They have twice the carbon footprint of the United States, yet they are building, on average, two new coal-fired power plants a week while we are being told we have to scale back.

In fact, a piece of Chinese bought and paid for propaganda just came out from the United Nations’ IPCC saying carbon use has to drop 2/3 by 2035 or the planet is doomed. It’s all a fairy tale spun by China because they know Western governments are already going along with it. So, while we continue to scale back our own energy independence, China is gearing up with fossil fuel powered plants to be the world’s provider of electricity.

We are literally debating in the US Congress over whether or not parents need a Bill of Rights to protect their children from in-school indoctrination. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a fool of herself (without being self-aware enough to know) and so we appropriately mock her sheer stupidity. And, a state senator, Megan Hunt (D-NE) wants all to know that any interruption in the genital mutilation cause du jour will be taken as a personal affront and she will hold a grudge for a very long time. Sounds like the kind of representative we would want as a lawmaker, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, in a 9-0 ruling found a public school failed a deaf student and his family. They found the school lied to the parents the entire time he was in school. So, if they are willing to lie to a parent about educating their child, what more are they willing to do as it relates to culture and indoctrination? Yet, on the international front, World Athletics has finally awakened and is banning all trans males from competing in women’s sports.

Finally, because it’s another topic being ignored, I bring you a little levity to head into the weekend. Since no one seems interested in the Biden Crime Family receiving millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, I close with a rendition of Cats in the Cradle, only this time appropriately titled, “Cash in the Cradle,” from my good friend, comedian and satirist, Jim Gossett.

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