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At what point do you stop believing all the lies?

Today’s show looks at several news items and I ask, at what point do you stop believing all the lies? What does it take to finally convince you that people in the Biden regime will tell you whatever they think you want to hear, while going off and doing whatever they want to ruin our nation. And there is no other way to interpret their actions.

First, remember when this Administration said the Chinese surveillance balloon was not able to send any information back to Beijing? Remember how they acted like they had some cutting-edge technology that prevented communication? It felt like a lie then, because we know China was steering the balloon so it was obviously getting instruction. Well, today, we find out that was a lie on the part of the Pentagon. It appears Biden allowed the Chinese to spy on some of our most sensitive installations without a care.

While President Applesauce Brain was busing draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve and stopping any possible future drilling by Americans, it looks like OPEC is going to cut production. These wizards of smart never saw that coming. How are we going to deal with that, now that there is nothing left in SPR?

Governor Ron DeSantis did a pretty good job summarizing the litany of lies officials in public health tried to ram down everyone’s throat. Where is the accountability? It feels like they were allowed to lie and are being rewarded for it.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) went on Meet the Press Sunday to lament how the Biden regime is writing rules and regulations under the Inflation Reduction Act that are “foreign” to what he thought was supposed to be in the Bill. How is that a Democrat didn’t know his own party would lie to him to get his vote? What’s more, how does someone like me know more about the Bill than a US Senator?

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez defamed an American, the women who started the social media account Libs of Tik-Tok, calling her a liar a few months back. The supposed lie was the revelation that Boston Children’s Hospital was performing gender altering surgeries on minors. Today we get a headline that reads, “Boston Children’s Hospital director call for drastic increase in capacity for gender surgeries for minors. AOC was the one lying, not Libs of Tik-Tok.

A sorority is suing the University of Wyoming for allowing a male who thinks he’s a woman to join. According to the filing, he was a peeping Tom who was often visibly aroused when staring at the women. Yet, we still keep pushing for the erasure of women.

An elections expert just testified in Maricopa County, AZ that the only way the printers could have printed the wrong size ballots is if that instruction had come form polling headquarters. Maybe there is some headway being made in the lies of now Governor Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) and her staff to steal the election from Kari Lake?

Finally, the notion that Dylan Mulvaney, a prancing male unicorn can be lauded with so much praise is disgusting. He is mocking women, parading around like a parody of the most stereotypical affectations. He should be a joke, yet he is being lauded by many companies to now include Budweiser. At what point will women stop allowing themselves to be made irrelevant?

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