Charges against Donald Trump
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Today’s charges against Donald Trump started on Nov 8, 2016

Today’s show is a little different. We are playing witness to history with the charges being officially made against Donald Trump. We need to understand the impact of this event to the direction our country is now headed. We are no longer a representative republic. We are already into Marxist territory and if this event doesn’t wake you up to that reality, then our United States as we have known it, is no more.

To understand how we got to the arrest of a former president on this date, April 4, 2023, we need to go be to the night of November 8, 2016 when the first domino was tipped. That was the night Hillary Clinton lost. They decided at that moment to create the now famous Russian-Collusion Hoax. That plan has been evolving ever since that night and has led us to where we are today. The lies, the investigations, the impeachments…it’s all been an attempt to remove him from office.

Even after office, when they were unable to stop him, beyond possibly orchestrating a presidential election loss, they had to keep going after him. So long as he remains eligible to run, he is a threat to the establishment. Hence the J6 Committee reality TV show and the Mar-a-Lago raid. It’s all been the continuation of the plan hatched in a hotel room on the night Hillary Clinton lost her bid to be the president of the United States. Donald Trump learned too much during his first term and the powers in place cannot afford to give him four more years to wrest power away from them.

I spend a few minutes giving you some of the top criminals who DA Alvin Bragg has no interest in prosecuting. He has only one fish to fry and that’s all he cares about. When you hear about the criminals who have been arrested hundreds of times, you realize, he doesn’t care about prosecuting actual criminals. He only seems interested in inventing laws to prosecute a man he despises.

I do have a quick side-jaunt to play a soundbite from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. She admits the Inflation Reduction Act is nothing more than the Green New Deal in disguise. It’s going to create more inflation, not fix it. Plus, the Biden regime, knowing their willing accomplices in the Legacy/mainstream media will focus almost entirely on Trump, used that to admit the Chinese surveillance balloon was communicating with Beijing. Additionally, how many are focused on China turning more nations toward the BRICS countries in an effort to weaken the US Dollar? It’s all happening at the same time.

Today’s historical event needs to be the wake-up call for all of us. If we do not start electing Constitutional candidates, we are never going to recover from the direction we have been heading since November 8, 2016.

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