Ignoring the rule of law
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What happens when existing law is ignored while pretending others exist?

Today’s theme ponders the notion of what happens when existing law is ignored while pretending others exist? Because, based on the evidence we see right before our very eyes, we are on a collision course with the iceberg. The captain of the ship isn’t just pretending there isn’t an iceberg, he sees it and is commanding, “Full speed ahead!”

Before we get to yesterday presser by DA Alvin Bragg, we need to hear about a trial taking place where it seems millions of illegal Chinese dollars were funneled into the president’s election campaign. No, not Joe Biden, but Barack Obama. That trial is taking place at the very same time that everyone is focused on an District Attorney who is inventing law while also ignoring the 6thAmendment to our Constitution. So, outside of the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Tenth Amendments (as I’ve documented numerous times), we are now watching radical Marxists pretending the Sixth Amendment can be ignored.

I fear it’s going to get worse. In the last 24 hours, we watched Chicago decide ex-Mayor Lori Lightfoot just wasn’t radical enough for them. Brandon Johnson, who believes police need to be removed society, supported the burning, looting and pillaging of the 2020 riots and considers himself a radical socialist is now the new mayor of Chicago.

Similarly, in a state election in Wisconsin, a Constitutional Justice lost to a radical, serial liar who believes in legislating from the bench. Daniel Kelly made a particular effective, yet ominous, concession speech about the direction our nation is heading if someone like Janet Protasiewicz is preferred over someone who believes in the rule of law and our Constitution.

But, there is hope. It’s a sliver, but it is a small sign. As we head into this Easter weekend, we are reminded that sometimes it feels like evil triumphs. That good people are made to suffer grave injustices. Yet, in the end, the stone is rolled back and the light of rebirth and resurrection always arrives afterwards.

In a story from North Carolina, State Representative Tricia Cotham has decided to switch parties and become a Republican. She notes Democrats will “villainize anyone who has free thought, free judgement, has solutions…and if you don’t do exactly what the Democrats want you to do, they will try to bully you. They will try to cast you aside. “If she can awake, then there is hope others will too. Will it happen in time? That will depend on the rest of us doing our part to remind our friends and family that discussing policy won’t matter if we no longer have a government that respects the freedom and liberty of all of us as individuals.

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