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Are we okay with a two tiered system to go after political opposition?

Today I continue to ask question of those on the Left, if we are okay with a two-tiered system to be able to go after political opposition? We are watching that very premise play itself out. We already spent a good deal of time demonstrating how NYC DA Alvin Bragg invented law while ignoring the Constitution. Now, let’s take a quick look at the judge who allowed the indictment to occur. Leftist judge Juan Manuel Merchan made political contributions to the group Act Blue, earmarking them as “Stop the Republicans” and “Biden for President.” Seems like an unbiased and non-politically motivated individual.

Beyond their bias and political motivations, how are they going to get around the FEC stating the Trump-Stormy case was “NOT a campaign finance violation”? FEC Commissioner James E. “Trey” Trainor said the supposed hush-money was “not a campaign finance violation nor is it a reporting violation of any kind.” They looked at this back in 2018. But, if you are politically motivated to punish and jail your opposition, why let that get in your way. When you have two different systems, you can change the rules for those you like, while inventing new law for those you despise.

In the meantime, Biden aide Kathy Chung testified in committee, refuting the White House claim that Biden’s illegally confiscated classified documents were not locked in a closet and were moved all over the place, even in private vehicles. Representative James Comer (R-KY) revealed that earlier this week, though you likely never heard that. If we have a single justice system and you believe Trump is guilty for having classified documents, then what is your stance on Joe Biden? Or are we back to having two separate systems based on whether or not you have a D or an R by your name?

Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) wants us to know the Inflation Reduction Act is really going to cost three times what Biden claimed and is nothing more than the Green New Deal’s little brother. While they continue to lie to us and make us less energy independent and less safe from our enemies, the BRICS countries are getting closer to decoupling the US Dollar from international trade, which will make it even less valuable and more inflated that it is now. These children in the regime have no idea what they are doing and their tantrums are being seen around the world as weak and pathetic. Our enemies are moving because they know they can.

Finally, how much have we heard about the Nashville, TN Christian school shooter in the last week or so? Where is the manifesto? Could it be that our two tiered system pics winners and losers when it comes to classes and they have decided to protect the transgenderism movement at all costs? Why isn’t this being discussed as a hate crime? Why are they making the shooter out to also be a victim? And if you still don’t think there is a difference, how is it a man who burned rubber over a pride crosswalk in Florida can be charged with a hate crime, but the woman in Tennessee isn’t?

We need to wake up and realize, we cannot have a country if we do not have liberty, individual freedom and a single, unbiased justice system. It’s not about right versus left – this is about right versus wrong. We need to make others aware of this and push to restore our Constitution above all else.

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