a two tiered system can only exist
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A two tiered system can only exist if we are okay being lied to

Today, on this Good Friday, we are reminded that, in the moment, it can sometimes feel like the darkness wins. That good people lose and evil triumphs. The Easter season reminds us, that the light will return and the truth will always win.

First I open with the news story of three Democrat lawmakers in Tennessee who were in trouble for inciting a riot inside their state capital. Yet, if you listen to the Legacy/mainstream media, this is a story about racism. When facts are intentionally left out of the story, this journalistic misconduct is called a lie of omission. It’s what propagandists excel at doing.

Then we get into the violence and extremism inherent to the transgenderism movement. This isn’t a peaceful endeavor, striving for equal treatment in society. It is an authoritarian force that wants to subjugate society and force your conversion into their church. Riley Gaines, the tremendously gifted NCAA swimmer has been speaking out about the nature of keeping men out of women’s sports. While on campus at San Francisco State University, a man in a dress walked up to her, punched her in the face twice and threatened to kill her. She, with police escort, had to hide in a locked closet for over three hours while the angry mob threatened her and then demanded payment for safe passage. Seems like a healthy movement, doesn’t it?

On a similar note, thanks to a concerned family member, it seems a school massacre at the hands of another trans person was thwarted. A 19 year old male, who wanted to be a girl, had floor plans, a manifesto and bomb designs, hoping to attack an elementary, middle and high school in his district.

John Kirby beclowned himself as this administration is once again trying to sell our disastrous retreat from Afghanistan as being the fault of Donald Trump. It’s amazing how this intellectual pinheads keep trying to gaslight the American public. It’s absurd.

And we close with another eye-rolling piece from the New York Times. As they continue to look into the responsible party for the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, they have come to the conclusion that maybe it’s best we don’t know. What does that tell you? Why would the Old Gray Mare herself, after months of investigative reporting, come to the conclusion that we may never know and maybe that’s for the best? All that does is make my assertion that it was more than likely enacted by our own government, more concrete.

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