Enemies turning our friends
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Our enemies are now turning our friends while we play stupid woke games

Today, I open with a reminder of the philosophy of Niccolò Machiavelli when training future rulers. To summarize, a wise ruler must think of a way to make the citizens need the state and that leader at all times and under all circumstances. He wanted rules to make the people dependent on the state (government), making them more easily controlled. The only way to make this work in modern society is to eliminate individual freedom and liberty. This goes back to the doctrine of Barack Obama to fundamentally transform our nation.

We start with the president of France, Emmanuel Macron who, after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jingping, intimated that decoupling from the US Dollar may be better for the whole of Europe. Our ally wants to avoid being seen as nothing more than a blind follow of the US. This is our ally speaking!

Russia and Iran were also meeting over the weekend, conspiring ways to weaken the US Dollar. Our enemies and allies are now both trying to achieve the same goal.

Joe Manchin still cannot believe how the Inflation Reduction Act isn’t being implemented properly. He still is lying to himself that the Act is going to bring back more manufacturing and energy independence to America. Instead, it’s once again giving power and control over to China.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes in a two tiered system of governance. She said if a Federal court rules in a way the Administration does not like, simply ignore the court ruling. She once again believes the third co-equal branch of government is meant to be subservient to the Executive and Legislative branches.

Remember during the trucker strike in Canada, I said to keep on eye on them as they are the Canary in the coal mine? That what happens in Canada is heading for the United States? Turns out there is a new bill being pushed called the 2SLGBTQI+ Protection bill. It will remove anyone’s right to protest or free speech if someone in that community feels aggrieved or offended.

And, right on cue, the Biden regime is deciding to blackmail states by altering the language for Title IX. Instead of being a law that allows women’s extracurricular activities to be equally funded, Biden now wants to include the entirety of the alphabet community including men who think they are women. It’s insidious and dangerous and needs to be fought.

Riley Gaines is pursuing legal action against those who assaulted and attacked her on the campus of San Francisco State University. She was scared and is still concerned for her safety, but she feels she needs to keep fighting for women and their safety.

Corporations are reaching out to the trans community to represent their brands. Why? Let me introduce you to the CEI score and it all circles back around to Barack Obama. The Corporate Equality Index overseen by the Human Rights Campaign whose current president is Kelly Robinson who previously worked as a political organizer for Obama’s 2008 campaign. If corporations don’t bow to the CEI score, they may find themselves the victims of the latest cancel-culture campaigns, assisted by their willing accomplices in the Legacy/mainstream media.

Finally, for some levity, Jim Gossett gives us a wonderful parody of the old “Real Men of Genius” ad campaign for Bud Light. This time, it’s “Real Marketing Genius!”

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