Leaked docs weaponized Fed and going woke
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Leaked docs, a weaponized Fed and going woke is never good

While the Legacy/mainstream media is looking at another mass shooter with an allegiance to pronouns, how many heard about the stabbing death of a cab driver at the hands of another violent and unhinged trans person. A man who now thinks he’s a woman, was out on no bail after felony threats of violence just a few days earlier. But, it was a stabbing so it’s not as politically useful, is it?

John Kirby doesn’t want the press to report on leaked information from the Pentagon. It’s amazing how this Administration truly has no regard for the First Amendment. Here are the top 6 revelations from those leaked documents thus far: Photos to a spring of`fensives with different losses than we’ve heard; Ukraine has only 5-6 weeks of air defense capabilities left; South Korean doesn’t want to give ammo to the US for fear it will end up in Ukraine; Israel was pressured to get in the Ukraine conflict, even if anonymously; Russian hackers supposedly cyber-attacked a Canadian pipeline, but Canadian officials are saying it’s not true; and, Mossad agents in Israel may have been working to undermine President Benjamin Netanyahu over his judicial reforms.

Outside of those revelations, yet another story just hit from those leaked Pentagon documents revealing Egypt was conspiring to sell 40,000 rockets to Russia and to keep it hidden from the US. Our enemies are slowly turning our allies, both overtly and covertly, against our nation while we worry about the woke agenda and the dismantling of our own nation.

Speaking of our own dismantling, new documents suggests the Fed may have instigated the violence during January 6. I know that’s shocking to most of you, but it seems the mound of circumstantial evidence continues to build against the FBI and others in our own government.

Similarly, according to a post from America First Legal, Gary Stern, the National Archives’ General Counsel, confirms in an email obtained by them that “the Justice Department, via the Biden White House, had made the [special access] request,” regarding the documents at President Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago. We already told you that last year, but it’s nice to see those facts finally being brought to a more public light.

Bud Light is learning, go woke, go broke. They are facing some significant financial losses and backlash to their new VP of Marketing’s woke, virtue-signaling goal of spotlighting the transgenderism cult movement.

Finally, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre beclowned herself (again) by saying in the history of presidents, Joe Biden is unprecedented in the number of shouted questions he answers from the Press Corps. Even the sympathetic propagandists in the room rolled their eyes and verbally disagreed with that blatantly false assertion.

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