Dismantling of our nation and the CCP is happy
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The continued dismantaling of our nation and the CCP is happy for the help

Today, I open with a comment about Justin Jones of the Tennessee three. While some are saying his current speech patterns and histrionics is an act, I fully believe he has been radicalized and that’s how he chooses to behave. He is a child, acting out in typical temper-tantrum form and it’s only going to get worse.

Next, we move to a story where the Fed is quietly discussing the real possibility of a recession coming this fall and will last for a few years. The reason they believe that is due to the “fallout from the banking crisis.” What crisis? I thought they said the sector was sound and it was just SVB and Signature that had issues in our country. Perhaps they are admitting what I already suggested back, that other banks, more worried about their ESG scorecard, are only hanging on by a thread.

I keep saying to watch what happens in Canada to be a precursor to what’s happening in the United States. It seems that China has been interfering in their elections and now there is a controversy with the Trudeau Foundation. Seems as though China is also looking to exploit politicians in more than just our own country. I wouldn’t be surprised if China doesn’t start overtly threatening Joe Biden about revealing all the payouts made to his son Hunter on his behalf. It feels like China is ready to topple the United States.

Biden is apparently set to use $2 billion of our taxpayer dollars to help illegals get healthcare and access to the Affordable Care Act exchanges. CBS is reporting that the IRS is going to demand 1099-K forms for any income over $600 on your cash apps starting in 2023. It was the Portland police who tried to hide the fact that the knife-wielding murderer of a cab driver was also transgender. It’s like the transgenderism movement is moving parallel to the Islamist terrorist agenda. In the meantime, the Biden DOJ is not recommending any jail time for a trans person who vandalized and desecrated a Catholic church. Our news is full of stories that keep showing the two tiers that exist here.

It does look like the recent Bud Light controversy is having a financial impact on Anheuser-Busch company. The most widely reported figure seems to be a loss of around $5 billion in overall worth to the company. Maybe that’s what it’s going to take. Maybe we need to start being a little more activist-minded to stop the radical agenda from being foisted upon us.

And in a moment of positive news, Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks actually made a solid admission and apology over letting their personal biases get in the way of being factually honest with the news. It’s nice to hear those words and I can only hope for more members of the Legacy/mainstream media to follow suit, but I’m not holding my breath.

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