RESTRICT Act and Jack Teixeira
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Inflation, vaxx bounties, Bragg’s hiccup, State sponsored kidnapping, RESTRICT Act and a patsy

Today’s show opens with a reminder of the inflation numbers for March and how wages are still dropping while prices are still rising. We also discovered that your doctors were being paid a bounty for convincing you to take the C-19 jab against your better judgment. Beyond the vaxx, pediatricians are also being financial incentivized to get children under two completely vaccinated along with over 63% of their total patients. Maybe that’s a question you should ask you doctor the next time you feel pressured – how much are they making on the side?

NYC DA Alvin Bragg may have run into a snag with his lawsuit against Congressman Jim Jordan to keep him from testifying. A judge seems to have put a wrench in Bragg’s plan and it looks like he will have to show up before Congress.

Parents, if you think you have rights to your children’s welfare, you better not choose to live in the state of Washington. Overnight, they have basically instituted state sanctioned kidnapping of children as young as 12 years old if you don’t give in to their wish to mutilate their genitals. Senate Bill 5599 just passed giving the state the power to take your child if you fail to conform to their demands to transition.

The discussion has been going on for a few weeks, so I wanted to weigh-in on the RESTRICT Act being discussed to ban TikTok. Here’s the problem. The RESTRICT Act does far more and is much more insidious. The Act is basically the Patriot Act 2.0, except it’s directed at all citizens and all of the internet. When you read the bill, it really would allow the Executive Branch unfettered access to any and all online data and information. It will be immediately weaponized to go after political opposition and if you think otherwise, you are fooling yourself. Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard feels the same way and share those thoughts recently.

Why am I now choosing to discuss the RESTRICT Act? Because, it was beginning to lose steam when all of a sudden, we have Pentagon leak scandal and the Administration has found a patsy to blame. A 21 year old Air Nation Guard member by the name of Jack Teixeira supposedly is behind the treasure trove of highly classified documents related to the war in Ukraine and the actions of some of our key allies.

Here’s my problem…I was in Naval Intelligence. I have an idea of how intelligence is collected, classified and compartmentalized. I find it highly unlikely this young Guardsman had the access necessary to even get the information, not unless he had help and/or security protocols have gotten abysmally lax. No matter what, there is more to the story. What’s interesting is how this story, which they government was able to solve in a week, gives them the rallying cry they need to force the RESTRICT Act back into the discussion. They want to infringe on our freedoms and appear to be willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Finally, since it is Friday, we end with a little parody song from my good buddy, Jim Gossett. Sung in the voice of Mitch McConnell, and in honor of the long absence of Dianne Feinstein, Fetterman and more, Jim brings us, “Mitch and Dianne.” Have a great weekend!

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