Biden regime and clown show
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The Legacy/mainstream media works for the Biden regime and clown show

Today’s show opens with the most concrete evidence so far, showing the Legacy/mainstream media works for the Democrat party. They take direction, are given talking points and narratives and it’s their job to defend the current Biden regime, especially from the truth.

There is no other way to interpret how the press handled themselves over the weekend. Not only did they help find the leaker, they show no interest in discussing the lies this Administration has been peddling around Ukraine for over 14 months. Instead, they would rather find out what the government is planning to do to keep the truth locked down from future leakers?

Even Glenn Greenwald, a left-of-center independent journalist is aghast at the behavior of corporate media. Rather than upholding the mantra that “democracy dies in darkness,” they are doing all they can to help turn off the lights.

Former CIA officer Larry Johnson has an interesting take on this. Running parallel with my own thoughts from last Friday, Larry thinks the story surrounding leaker Jack Teixeira’s tidy take down is too contrived and too neat to be the whole story. In his mind, it’s a controlled leak, poorly done, to help prepare America for the coming crash due to all of our foreign policy failures. Also, don’t forget what we discussed on Friday regarding the RESTRICT Act and how convenient it would be to use the leaker to push through The Patriot Act 2.0.

As we close, I remind you that in a prior show I said I would not be surprised if China didn’t decide to make a move on the United States and would send Joe Biden a not so subtle message? Well, it seems a bank tied to China is suddenly cooperating with the Senate investigation into the Biden Crime family business dealings. Cathay Bank in Los Angeles has provided banking transaction details to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Senator Chuck Grassley (D-IA) related to millions of dollars paid by China to Hunter and James Biden.

Finally, Pete Buttigieg wants you to know that car accidents are also racists. Yep. According to him, more black and brown people are killed in roadway accidents, which is a clear sign of racism. To him, it’s a crisis on the same level as gun violence, yet we don’t see anyone calling to ban the use of automobiles.

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