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Actual campaign interference and punishing people with good credit

Today’s show starts with the arrest of an Israeli professor in Cypress. Gal Luft is charged on suspicion of being an arms dealer to China and Libya. Why am I opening with this story? Because the sub headline to the story adds — Gal Luft rejected the accusations leveled against him and claimed he was arrested in relation to Hunter Biden’s criminal investigation.

It seems there is another layer to the Hunter Biden story and the Biden regime may be doing all it can to silence those with evidence of their wrongdoings. Miranda Devine, reporter for the New York Post, weighs in on this and says there are far too many corroborating details to just ignore.

We now combine that story with even more detail over the letter signed by 51 members or ex-members of the US Intelligence Community regarding the Hunter Biden laptop. The more we dig, the more we see the Biden campaign was behind that letter. If we want to get into a discussion over presidential election interference, what more do you need? If we can impeach a president on an edited rumor over a phone call, I’d like to think the Biden Crime Family has a lot more evidence of to pursue than that!

Next, I bring you some of the highlights of the first hour of my filling in for the nationally syndicated Erick Erickson Show. That topic relates to the new Biden Rule going into effect on May1. Starting them, folks with good credit scores will have to pay a higher price to help subsidize the loans of those will lesser credit. You heard that correctly. Your good credit is now going to be as a reason to penalize you financially so someone with a bad rating can be rewarded.

This is the problem with the word equity versus equality. While the latter is all about giving you a fair chance to do the right thing, the former actually rewards you for not. Equity strives for sameness and Democrats are saying it’s not fair for someone who was financially responsible to get a lower interest rate than someone who was irresponsible. That’s equity. And you cannot get any more backward and divisive than that!

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