Cannot trust Legacy/mainstream media
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We cannot trust the Legacy/mainstream media and our IC’s are no better

Today’s show continues to analyze the deceit on display from our Legacy/mainstream media by choosing NOT to cover the 51 spies who lied story coming straight out of the Biden campaign. Advisor Antony Blinken, rewarded as Secretary of State, knew he was recruiting members of the Intelligence Community (IC) to lie about the Hunter Biden laptop solely to save Joe Biden’s election. He tried to paint Donald Trump as being out of step with the IC and preferred to listen to Russian intelligence over that of the US. Looks like Donald Trump was right, once again.

The sheer ease with with Biden, Blinken and the whole of the Democrat party lies is breathtaking. What’s worse, is to see just how complicit the Legacy/mainstream media is in propping up and spreading those lies. There are people who still believe the Hunter Biden laptop is a fake. It’s stunning what skulls full of mush are capable of believing.

This rolls us into the sudden announcement of Susan Rice to leave the Biden White House. Let’s be clear, she isn’t leaving because of all the foreign policy blunders. She has to get out of the cross-hairs for all of the underage child trafficking she allowed through our southern border.

In the meantime, Joe Biden has signed another Executive Order meant to bring another 360,000 illegals into our country under a backdoor scheme to label them as refugees. The Democrat party is intent on building a massive under-class, wholly dependent on government, in the hopes of creating a dedicated voting block for years to come. They don’t care about our laws, our Constitution or the average American. They only care about power and graft and how to keep it and grow it.

There is a definite attempt by our law-makers to dismantle our Constitution. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on MSNBC suggesting the Federal government needs to regulate conservative speech. A piece in Salon suggests the Second Amendment is antiquated and needs to be removed. We are watching Obama’s plan of fundamentally transforming our nation from a Republic to a two-tiered Marxist/socialist system.

The same Legacy/mainstream media not interested in finding out the truth were more than happy to create a sympathy piece for Ray Epps. It’s stunning the degree to which they are willing to go to create outright propaganda and feed it to their audience as if it’s truth. But, there is some hope. Truth eventually can win over lies. Fact, logic and reason can win out over people’s feelings. Bud Light is an example of what happens when enough people in the country chose waking up over being woke. Big shout out to Jim Gossett for a little parody song used to introduce this last topic. 

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