Trailer for Biden 2 and Tucker's firing
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The trailer just dropped for Biden 2 and what to learn from Tucker’s firing

Today, though it pains me, we open by going through the new movie trailer for Biden 2. It’s as produced and full of propaganda as the J6 Committee reality TV show was. But, it serves as instructional piece for me to you on how to see the propaganda for what it is.

There is so much wrong with the direction the Biden regime is taking this country and we get so lost with so much turmoil, it’s hard to keep track of it all. However, at the root of the problem, beyond so many children in adult bodies making ill-informed policy, we have a compromised Commander-in-Chief. We have a meat puppet that is beholden more to our enemies than to us or our allies.

Representative Harriett Hageman (R-WY) actually asked if our own foreign policy was being held hostage by the corruption of Joe Biden? When we look at how our now Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has knowledge about the president, was willing to cover it up and was willing to get other people involved in covering it up, how far does this go? Is that why we are allowing Chinese spy balloons to have their way? Is that why we are willing to enter into a nuclear deal with Iran? Does this explain why we are sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into Ukraine without any oversight or accounting?

On top of this, couple it with a piece from the Jerusalem Post wondering if China, not the United States, might be the country able to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians? We already know China is working to get more countries to stop using the US Dollar and in fact the dollar has plunged in overall share to around 47% today when it was at 73% in 2001. If we do not get adults back in charge soon, America will not longer even be allowed to sit on the world stage.

Finally, we do look at the firing of Tucker Carlson. First we look at how Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveled in it and said we should be happy to know that “deplatforming people” works. That’s a law-maker saying that and that should chill you to the bone. We then turn our attention to two bites from Carlson – one from his unplugged podcast and one from his produced show. After a lifetime in mainstream media, he has finally recognized that they are not there to tell you the truth, but to say what is necessary to control you. He then said, which is likely what got him fired, is the media outlets themselves are beholden to the purse-strings of the advertisers who are okay with causing harm and lying so long as the money doesn’t stop.

So, maybe it’s a good thing for Tucker to have been fired. He’s now in the same camp as I am and so many others in New Media. I think we are going to see the shift toward more citizen journalists versus listening to the narratives prepared by the corporate interests of the Legacy/mainstream media.

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