BRICS accepting applications and HHS whistleblower
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BRICS accepting applications, a magic-thinking regime and an HHS whistleblower on child trafficking

Today, I spend a few minutes introducing myself to the new members of the listening audience. I remind myself from time-to-time, to give just a short biography to level-set anyone listening to me for the first time.

The first subject is a story where the BRICS nations are now open to expansion. At this point, ahead of their summer summit coming up in South Africa, 19 countries have applied for acceptance into the BRICS nations. I don’t know which Legacy/mainstream media outlets are even glossing over this story, let alone covering it with the depth it deserves! The children running our government are tanking the value of the dollar on the world stage and have no idea it’s happening.

Something they may be aware of but they are not saying aloud, is the imminent failure of Ukraine to beat Russia. What should have been a no-brainer from it’s inception, the Administration is now quietly preparing for the backlash for the failure of Ukraine’s spring counter-offensive. When that happens, what does that do for the reputation of the United States on the world stage? How many of our allies will start to abandon their ongoing support at the obvious failure in our foreign policy.

In the meantime, four other countries have been able to evacuate their citizens out of Sudan, yet Jake Sullivan reminds the world the United States is not one of those countries. While the UK sent troops in to help evacuate 4000 of their citizens, we have abandoned ours and John Kirby today was forced to admit a second American has now been killed there SINCE they were abandoned by our own country.

In the wake of my analysis of Susan Rice leaving the White House, where I reminded you that it was likely over the child labor trafficking she has ignored for years, guess what will happen today? A whistleblower from HHS is going to testify later today that the Biden regime is the middleman in a multi-billion dollar migrant child trafficking operation. You read that correctly. The Biden regime has been ignoring this problem and has, in effect, become the facilitator of child trafficking.

Over 600 professors at the University of North Carolina have signed a letter protesting a requirement to teach a sum total of 3 academic hours in American History and the US Constitution. When you want to track where the rot in a country originates, simply turn to the world of academia.

Don’t believe there isn’t a push to sexualize children? Look what happened to the Pride festivities in Florida recently when they were told they cannot have children present. The moment the made it illegal for minors to be sexualized, the group decided to cancel the event. Apparently they do want to groom children.

BeerBoard, a tech company that analyzes drinking data, has found that Bud Light has seen a significant decrease in the number of pours in bars, restaurants and other serving venues. It has since dropped 21% in volume since the Dylan Mulvaney partnership. Companies need to remember what it is they produce and who comprises their customer base.

Dr. Fauci is out there gaslighting the American people. He wants you to believe he never called for shut downs, that it came from the CDC. Well, just to demonstrate, I play for you what he’s trying to get away with today versus what he said three years ago.

Finally, we get to bring you a long awaited new installment of Deep Thoughts with Vice President Kamala Harris. Her gift of word salad is only eclipsed by the size of the vacant cavern that exists between her ears. It’s stunning to behold, but I know you will appreciate what a gifted leader we have just one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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