Falling dollar rising yuan and child trafficking
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The falling dollar, rising yuan, child trafficking and a meat puppet with a cheat sheet

Today’s show opens with some economic realities too many of us are not being told. 1Q’23 only grew at 1.1%, showing three quarters in a row now of economic slowing. Combine that with the knowledge of a failing dollar on the world stage, the choice of the Biden regime to weaponize the dollar against Russia and the growing strength of the yuan and the ruble and we are on a path for a massive economic crisis. Even Elon Musk has commented that weaponizing currency is going to lead to the world abandoning that currency.

Next we discuss the HHS whistleblower, Tara Lee Rodas, and how the Biden regime is acting as the middleman for a multi-billion dollar child trafficking operation through our wide-open southern border. The Democrat party has long since tried to sell itself as being the party that cares. What we are seeing is a party that knows how to pander solely for their own power and graft. They don’t care at all. They just want to make sure you keep voting for them. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said you don’t even have to listen to the whistleblower, but read the NY Times. They reported this same issue and nothing has been done.

In a separate committee hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is looking into the FBI illegally running warrantless backdoor searches on the electronic communications of Americans. On top of the known 3.4 million searches, over a million of them were found to be in error. We have a law-enforcement agency within the Executive Branch that is wantonly trampling over the Fourth Amendment and they could not care less.

On a lighter, though perhaps equally sad, note, President Applesauce Brain got caught with a cheat sheet for his latest presser. What’s worse, the press doesn’t even care! They have no issue with a Commander-in-Chief who is so cognitively impaired he needs pre-approved questions and answers written out for him. We have a truly compromised and addled president and the whole world knows it. It’s just amazing to me how the Legacy/mainstream media sees nothing there worth reporting.

Lastly, while we delve into the habitual liar, we bring you a story from ol’ Uncle Joe about the hospital where he was born. In his latest lie to an audience, Biden said he was born in the same hospital where his grandfather had died just two weeks earlier. Unfortunately for our dementia-ridden meat puppet, it was actually one year and two months apart, not two week. But, why would he ever let truth stand in the way of a good speech?

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