Sudan Weingarten child slavery
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Sudan, Weingarten, child slavery, demographics and co-equal branches

Today we open with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre unable to answer a simple question about why other nations can evacuate their people from Sudan, but the United States cannot? It’s a simple question asked in a shrewd way and the empty-headed Jean-Pierre proves her verbal prowess in spectacular epic fail fashion.

We then have to examine the ludicrous attempt by Randi Weingarten to re-write history. She wants you to believe that she fought to reopen schools for in-person learning one month after the lockdown began. She is saying this with a straight face. However, you know how bad you are doing when CNN slams you down for your arrogance, lies and lack of remorse.

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) had the gall to suggest the reason we no longer have to wear masks in hearings is because of the Biden Administration. Talk about gaslighting on full display! The Democrat Party stood for nothing but masks and mandates and infringements on freedom and liberty.

The walking male member with eyebrows, Alejandro Mayorkas wants you to know the border is closed and it will still be closed when Title 42 is phased out on May 11. Yes, folks, the 6.3 million illegals who have crossed the border since Biden was elected, plus another 1.2 million got-aways, is evidence the border is closed.

We head back to KJP to discuss Joe Biden getting caught with a cheat sheet for which reporter to call on for a question. In two bites, we demonstrate how bad this White House is at covering for Joe Biden and just how willing members of the Legacy/mainstream media are to help the White House in their cover-ups.

DEI is one of the most foul and toxic way to hire people or to invest, at least in terms of how the Left defines it. We can see this on full display in a quote from Van Jones of CNN. He literally listed Kamala Harris’s qualifications as being a woman and black and Asian. It’s all about the demographic check-boxes. That’s all they care about and it’s been happening for far too long.

Did you know a typical outfit worn by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez runs over $3500? Must be nice to fool people into thinking the Democrat Party is the party of the average person. Seems AOC has figured how to make money hand over fist in public service.

To close, I address a question from a listener – if all of these investigations are revealing criminality, why hasn’t anyone been arrested or tried? This leads me to a mini-lesson on our three, co-equal branches of government and how the free press was meant to be the check over corruption. Unfortunately, our Founding Fathers never imagined a time when the press would choose to become a part of government and choose a winning side.

But, never lose hope. Truth is important and we must all work to help bring truth out into the light. The more we learn and have the courage to speak out, the better chance we can change the minds of those around us. Never be afraid to speak the truth. That’s the only way we have to fight the darkness that’s taken root in our government.

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