Do we need a functioning president
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The NYTimes suggests we don’t need a functioning president and going after the SCOTUS

Today I wanted to begin with a reminder that I told you the Inflation Reduction Act would cost at least a trillion dollars and now it looks like it will be even more than than. We have unelected bureaucrats writing legislation our law-makers are not even reading. For Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) to keep acting shocked over how anti-American the IRA is, reveals just how incompetent many of our legislators have become.

The other topic I spend time discussing today surrounds the recent events inside the Supreme Court. The one branch of government specifically designed to not become political, is now being attacked by Democrats in an effort to politicize them. It all started just about a year ago with the leak of the Dobbs draft. Since then, the sanctity of over 200 years of tradition of keeping discussing and drafts confidential until they are ready was shattered last year. The justices are now walking around in constant suspicion over who is around them and what they are saying.

The Left has been wrongfully attacking Justice Clarence Thomas, inventing impropriety where non exists. Even the three radical liberals on the court signed a unanimous letter, denouncing the moves to attack Thomas for nothing more than political means. When the liberals are aware of the attack on the institution, that’s saying something.

Justice Alito also made waves over the weekend with a piece where he said he knows who the leaker is, but doesn’t have enough concrete evidence to publicly name that person. He reminds us the leak was meant to do two things: affect the legal opinion of the Justices around Roe v. Wade and to rationalize assassination of one of them as a means to control the court. That’s a horrifying realizing to come to, but it is dead on the money.

Notice how the Left likes to group people and then label the whole group, rather than look at individuals? It’s easier to dehumanize people and extol your own virtue when you distance yourself from others. It’s easier to pass legislation that harms people when you don’t think of them as individual citizens. That was the genius of the framers of the Constitution. The experiment was designed to keep government from growing to the point where there is an elite, ruling-class, and then the rest of the citizenry who are forced to wallow under their masters’ yoke.

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