Constitutional Republic and ignoring Dodd-Frank
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A Constitutional Republic, ignoring Dodd-Frank and lying liars

Today’s show opens with a big pet-peeve of mine, calling our Constitutional Republic a democracy. We are not, nor should we ever want to become, a democracy. The biggest indication we have the modern Left isn’t interested in our Constitutional Republic is you have to love freedom for everyone and it is demonstrable just how much they loathe that thought. Freedom for themselves? Sure! But for everyone equally? Not a chance.

This leads to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) calling for the FBI to investigate the SCOTUS leaker. He said we must get to the bottom of it and if the Marshall’s Service cannot do it, the whole of the FBI should be brought to bear. While I agree in principle, my question is, which FBI is going to investigate? The crime-solving wing or the political hit-job wing of the FBI?

I told you all last week about the collapse of First Republic Bank and am amazed it took until this week to make the regular press. I was starting to doubt my sources of information. This inevitably leads me to ask, how many more are set to fall, given all we know about ESG scorecards and the push for DEI even in investments?

There are more folks in Congress calling for some action to be taken against the 51 spies who lied along with Antony Blinken. In fact, his impeachment is yet another no-brainer for this morally bankrupt and utterly corrupt Biden regime. There is even talk about finally using the power of the purse to force some housecleaning in those agencies under the Executive Branch. But, talk is cheap without action behind it.

Finally, queue up the carnival music as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, with a straight face, told us yesterday that illegal border crossing is down 90% thanks to the policies of the Biden administration. She doesn’t even try to cover the lie with something plausible. She is not even slightly concerned over being questioned by the press. After all, they are there to serve the regime, not hold them accountable to the American people.

I close with a reminder to shut of all Legacy/mainstream media. They will never get the message while they still have an audience. Find alternative sources for news, including independent reporters and outlets who are not owned by corporate interests.

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