Biden mortgage rule and crisis of confidence
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Biden mortgage rule, crisis of confidence and possible end of an empire?

Today’s show has me once again ruminating on how three different stories are showing us where our country is headed. For those of you without tangible skills, it could be a devastating ride. The American empire may be coming to an end, at least as it exists today.

Before that, 27 states have banded together, in a bipartisan fashion, to rip the Biden administration for their new mortgage rule to punish people with good credit so as to subsidize those with bad credit. It’s as backwards as just about every other decision this regime continues to make. It’s as though they really do want to dismantle our Constitutional Republic and change it into an oligarchy, where a handful of powerful elites get to control the rest of us. The evidence seems pretty obvious, yet so many still don’t even see it.

We have reached a point where it seems the end is near for America as a world superpower. For the rest of the show, I weave together three separate items and use them to create a lens to see what may lie in our not too distant future. AI art, ChatGPT and Twitter still runs with 80% of the workforce gone are those three topics.

When I reach the conclusion that our current economy is nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out, it will eventually come crashing down. When it does, our consumer-based economy will need to be rebuilt in a new and better direction. That economy will need to be based on tangible, physical items built with true labor and skills. For those who have existed and become wealthy on jobs where you push paper around and “think” all day, those jobs will be gone. That income will disappear. Trade skills and true serviceable labor will be the new engine to rebuild.

The collapse isn’t coming tomorrow or even in the next few years. We will still have some significant ups and downs, but it is coming. Now is the time to prepare, to save more, pay off debt and take time to learn skills you will need to become more self-sufficient. You don’t start planning for the emergency when you are in the midst of one. You have to do it beforehand. It all starts by having the conversation, now, with your spouse and your family. It’s going to be bad for so many, but you can mitigate some of that pain by taking steps today.

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