John Kirby and Karl Marx
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Reverse whatever Kirby is saying and discussing wokism on Marx’s birthday

Today’s episode opens with John Kirby sitting on with The Morning Joe trying to convince us that explosions in the Kremlin were not drone strikes from the Ukraine. It’s laughable considering they always trot him out to say the exact opposite of the truth. What makes it even more obvious is when Joe Scarborough jumped in to make a snarky joke that ended up falling flat on it’s face.

If you were not already convinced of the Psy Op carried out by treasonous members of our intelligence community, let’s give you one more push. In an email discovered yesterday, acting CIA chief Mike Morrell emailed the Obama-era CIA chief, John Brennan, for his signature on the letter about the Hunter Biden laptop. Morrell said they needed to give the Biden campaign a talking point and Brennan agreed to help.

A woman in Colorado wants to win her bid for re-election based on Marxist talking points. She isn’t calling it that, but that’s what it is. In fact, today is the birthday of Karl Marx and it’s a perfect time to bring up what Marxism really is and how it has evolved since it’s inception.

Marxism tries to convince the masses they are under the thumb of a few and if they can rise up, the ruling class can be ejected and nirvana will spring forth among the people. It’s magic-thinking and whenever tried, always results in the deaths of millions and misery to those left alive.

Wokism and all of it’s derivatives and objectives is nothing more than a re-packaged Marxist agenda. It aims to remove freedom and liberty so a handful of people can rule over the rest of the populace. The useful idiots are recruited through their various “theories” and sent off to attack the free-thinkers and the individuals who will never willingly give up their own liberty. The Marxists know this and use the people to eliminate those intractable members of society in order to achieve their designs on ruling from on high.

As I wrap-up today’s show, we get a new installment of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. It’s stunning just how vapid, ridiculous, unserious and what a laughingstock she can be, all at the same time. Yet it’s this person who has now been asked to oversee policies to regulate Artificial Intelligence. One thing’s for certain, given her track record, she is likely to blow it.

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