Trump's Town Hall on CNN
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Trump’s Town Hall performance, a syncophantic media and a corrupt FBI

Today’s show opens with an overview of yesterday’s CNN Town Hall with former President Donald Trump and hosted by Kaitlan Collins. That even helped to illustrate all that is wrong with the Legacy/mainstream media and how Leftists are furious at CNN for making Trump look good to his audience.

I break down one segment, which is illustrative of the entirety of the Town Hall. Kaitlan became a hostile combatant, inserting herself in the evening as though she wasn’t the host, but a candidate on the other side of the aisle. What was even worse, for CNN, she tried to real-time fact-check Trump multiple times and was wrong so many times it was embarrassing. She knows the MSM talking points, but she didn’t know the truth, and that was the real problem.

This flows into more commentary against the Legacy/mainstream media. They continue to have no issue with not covering massive stories simply because they hurt their party narrative. It’s like they are one big collective now, acting on the pre-approved stories coming out the NY Times. No journalistic skepticism. No journalistic ethics. No curiosity. Just blind adherence to state approved narratives.

Our FBI is no better. With each passing day it becomes impossible to ignore the depths of corruption and illegality they exude. They are refusing to turn over documentation of Joe Biden being bribed by a foreign national under the guise of national security, yet they are okay keeping a corrupt and compromised Commander-in-Chief in office and THAT’S not jeopardizing national security?

On top of that, it appears the FBI worked to turn a member of Representative George Santos’s staff into a confidential informant. Think about that for a moment. The law-enforcement wing of the Executive Branch worked to embed a spy into the Santos office to get dirt on him. Do you think this is the first and only instance of that? How many other members of the Legislative Branch are surrounded by FBI informants who are spying on them? You cannot be any more anti-American and anti-Constitution than to employ and support those tactics.

Rep. Byron Donaldson did a tremendous job on CNN following the Trump Town Hall. He was in the den of vipers and was able to not only hold his own, but also make several significant points in a meaningful way. It’s hard to do, yet he is always so dynamic in doing it. I really do wish the Judiciary Committee would have had him deliver the presser yesterday by himself.

Finally, we end with a brand new installment of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. This time, she tries to discuss the idea of context while interjecting a thought about youth coming from coconut trees. It’s a stunning bit of speaking and only the truly gifted with be able to fully appreciate it.

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