Disney strawman and FBI Whistle blowers - part2
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Disney strawman and more on the FBI whistleblowers and the hope they bring

Today we continue looking at the three FBI whistleblowers who testified before the House Weaponization Committee yesterday. However, before we start, I needed to point out yet another illustration on how the talking points go out and the rest of the MSM parrots the lines without telling the whole story.

The big headline today is how Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, lost a one billion dollar investment in the state because Disney decided to stick to him. That story barely resembles the truth, but you likely are hearing it everywhere. The truth is, the now-fired CEO who committed to that project is gone and Bob Iger, who came back after retirement to get Disney back on track, always hated it. So, facing a need to cut $5.5 billion in overall expenses, Iger cut that project and will also be laying off at least 7,000 people along the way. However, the long-term strategy for Florida has Disney investing $17 billion over the next 10 years, resulting in 20,000 jobs. I doubt you knew about any of the above, other than the headline being regurgitated in the Legacy/mainstream media.

Because I had to stop watching the FBI whistleblower testimony halfway through, today we bring you the rest. It’s going to be hard to listen to. Democrats did their best to sully the witnesses and treat them like enemies of our country. Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) tried to use a fake Twitter account to besmirch Special Agent Marcus Allen. Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) wanted to paint the witnesses as “bought and paid for” because they had received charity to help them while being unemployed. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz went so far as to say the agents were not whistleblowers because the FBI said they were not. I’m not making that up! She literally said the perpetrator of unconstitutional behavior gets to decide who gets to be called a whistleblower. It’s insane!

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) were able to shed light on how many corrupt practices exist in the Bureau. Rep. Dan Bishop was shocked to hear how the FBI is going after Americans “at scale” by getting Bank of American to release all credit/debit transactions for in N. Virginia from Jan 5-7, 2021. Wall Street Journal writer Kim Strassel said she was disturbed by the FBI’s incentives to label as many investigations as possible as Domestic Terrorism. The policies and practices within the Bureau literally label Constitutional patriots as terrorists for their patriotic beliefs and expression.

In the end, I do have hope. These three Special Agents did come forward and are fighting for our nation. They are an inspiration. Just today, I was able to chat with former FBI Agent Kyle Seraphin. He has been collecting funds to distribute to these whistleblowers to help them get by. If you are of the mind and ability, go to givesendgo.com/KyleSeraphin and make a donation. If there is a memo field, make sure you give a shout-out to the FBI whistleblowers. Maybe, when other potential whistleblowers catch wind that the American people will have their backs, it just might motivate a few more of them to come forward to help excise the rot that has taken hold in Washington, D.C.

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