Attacking the FBI whistleblowers
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Ukrainian accounting, attacking FBI whistleblowers, Clinton investigations and a liar

Today’s show opens with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stating “…not one penny of U.S. dollars will have gone missing or have been misallocated…” in Ukraine. He said this with a straight face and all the sincerity of a practiced liar. Remember, Jake Sullivan was with Hillary Clinton when they hatched the Russian Collusion hoax and now he is playing National Security Advisor.

Can I remind you of what we discussed back in January of this year? About all of the stolen money and missing military assets sent to Ukraine? The fact that we have a press willing to accept and go along with the lie is so disheartening. But, I guess that’s why you come to places like this show to get the real information worth knowing.

Incredibly, I had listeners reach out over the weekend about my coverage of the FBI whistleblowers. Those who did had never heard about it. No one in the Legacy/mainstream media seemed interested in that story. 10 years ago, FBI corruption of this magnitude would be plastered on every screen of every network. Look how far we have fallen as a society. They are content to feed us state narratives and many are content to be spoon fed, only to regurgitate the same nonsense elsewhere.

However, there are still some New Media/independent journalists out there. Michael Shellenberger put out a great piece over the weekend, discussing the move by both the FBI and the mainstream media to crush the whistleblowers. What is stunning is how not a single one of the whistleblowers was interviewed by any of the outlets who wrote hit-pieces on them. Not one!

This same corrupt FBI, we discovered, had four different criminal investigations going on Bill and Hillary Clinton and they were all suddenly dropped just before the 2016 presidential election cycle. The Durham Report indicated high level FBI officials with “ties to the Clinton’s” made the call to kill the investigations into pay-to-play schemes from foreign governments. Seems this is just standard operating procedure in the Democrat party.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) did comment that he would like to see those investigations restarted, but I’m not going to hold my breath. And even if the FBI did re-open them, do we really think, with the current observable corruption we see with our own eyes, they would actually follow through? This is where we need a moment of levity. I turn, once again, to my good buddy, Jim Gossett, who delivers a nostalgic bit of parody about the FBI, using School House Rock’s music to bring us Corruption Junction!

As we start to close, the Meat Puppet-in-Chief once again lied and took credit for something he never did. He was at the G7 and said he was the one to form the alliance known as the Quad. Here’s the problem. The Quad started in 2017 under President Trump. Do you think the Legacy/mainstream media called him out on it? So far, not yet, but you know I did!

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