Target's controversy
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Target’s controversy is just the scalable playbook of the radical Left

Today’s show opens with a discussion of the problems the Target Corporation is facing with their new lines of children’s swimwear. If you haven’t kept track, in a move to virtue-signal their support and incorporation of transgenderism, Target has lines of ladies swimwear with crotch pockets so boys can “tuck” their junk away while they pretend they are girls. And for the confused girls out there, Target now has a line of clothing with chest-binders built into them.

What’s even worse is who Target partnered with for the line of clothing. Target partnered with Abprallen – a Satanic designer with aggressive anti-heterosexual messaging. In other words, beyond the horror of aligning with Satan, they are against normal, heterosexual relationships, to believing in only two sexes to condoning putting people to death who don’t fully submit to the transgenderism movement.

Yet, Target may have be the victim of the World Economic Forum’s push of their ESG Scorecards. Yes, in an effort to avoid being targeted (pun intended) by the extreme Left, Target has chosen to embrace all things Environmental, Social and Governance. By choosing to embrace the ridiculous notions of ESG, which includes blind obedience to DEI. Every time a business chooses to go woke, at some point, it’s going to lead them to go broke. It’s the cycle and yet they continue to bow to the pressure.

Maybe the reason goes back to something Rush Limbaugh once had to investigate. While it may look like hundreds of thousands of people are organized in a boycott, more often than not, it’s likely a handful of people who create bots and programming to fool the world. Basically, they create their own narratives and then create a fake army to threaten businesses. Unfortunately, businesses continue to be fooled by the fakery. Look at what happened to the Bud Light brand? The Left has developed a playbook that can be scaled to fit their target and they use it repeatedly. We just need more businesses to realize that.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) filed a resolution to censure, condemn and find Rep. Adam “Piece of” Schiff (D-CA) $16 million dollars. That’s half of the cost we tax-payers paid for the investigations into the fake collusion story.

In a hearing today, FBI Deputy Assistant Counterintelligence Director Jill Murphy said she did not read the Durham Report because she didn’t have the time. She then said she prefers her allegiance to the FBI versus to the American people. That’s stunning!

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) made a clown of himself during a presser, dressed in a hoodie and shorts, claims the 14th Amendment exists for the President to raise the debt ceiling. So, I have to take a moment to teach a bit of basic American Civics as it relates to that Amendment. Our eminently qualified White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre made a curious comment yesterday. She said President Joe Biden has been trying to engage with Republicans for MONTHS now as it relates to the debt ceiling. Funny, we seem to have two months of quotes from her saying Biden will not negotiate the topic of the debt ceiling.

Finally, in a moment of levity, we need to bring you another installment of Deep Thoughts by VP Kamala Harris. She is such a gem. We are always stunned at her brilliance.

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