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blog-pool-party-patriotic-drink-300x244.jpgHey! Welcome to Freedom Cocktail.

Everyone here enjoys the occasional adult beverage. By “occasional” we sometimes mean nightly. A good bourbon, scotch, vodka, whiskey blend, glass of wine or an ice cold beer are among the favorites. When Eric and Alan first decided to create a political blog site, they kicked around several ideas. They eventually landed on the idea of a virtual bar. Both of them had commented about having some of the best political conversations, often with total strangers, while enjoying a drink. Thus the metaphor of a bar lent itself to the idea of spurring discussion.  Anyone and everyone is invited to sit down, drink in hand, and chat with one of our bartenders.

Every bar has a look and feel — a theme. We don’t waste time with useless bric-a-brac, though. Our servers aren’t going to be sporting pieces of flair. What you will notice is our focus is on freedom, liberty and a love of the Constitution as originally conceived by our Founding Fathers.

You are free to disagree or to add a new wrinkle to anything here. All we ask is for you to be respectful. Be passionate, but be mindful of facts and focus. We will be watching for those who like to shift the subject, ignore the facts or resort to name-calling. Those are good ways to be escorted off the premises. A spirited debate is good for the soul, but mindless screaming accomplishes nothing.

Enjoy your time here and if you had a good time, bring a friend next time. The only goal here is to engage in the conversation and introduce the topics. It’s up to everyone else to keep the communication flowing.


5 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. We have two constitutions. What we were given ~200 years ago to spread political power, and what we were given ~100 years ago (16th,17th, and Fed Res) to concentrate power to DC/NY. This needs to be dealt with.

  2. Heard Alan subbing for Hannity. Mentioned his time at IBM. I was there then. Just curious what he was doing with IBM and how he got from there to here.


    1. Hey, Dan, started at IBM in 1993 and was there until 2008. But, I had always been involved in local radio, first on Saturdays and then hosting the morning show weekdays. Been in radio for over 18 years. About a year and a half ago, I had the chance to fill-in for Erick Erickson on WSB and after a few times doing that, was brought on as a “full-time” fill-in. Basically, I am always on call…just in case. 😉

      When I was with IBM, I started off in the Consumer Division writing licensing agreements. I moved into IT support, then became an IT support manager followed by a project manager. As the impending Obama administration became evident, IBM began a “right sizing” and I was laid off in mid-2008. Bounced around as a contractor at a couple other businesses before opening my own website development and video production company — AJS Productions.

      1. Alan,
        You mentioned Osterholm recently saying masks don’t work. He actually said this over a year ago on a podcast dated 6/2/20 then wrote an article defending his comments on 7/22/20. Another person, Mary von Beusekom, has an article saying the same thing written on 4/9/20. Unbelievably, everything is still on the CIDRAP website. Do you think they’ll get put on the list of false information spreaders and lose their licenses (Osterholm isn’t an MD, so I guess he’s safe).

  3. Alan,
    I really enjoy hearing you on WSB when you fill in!! You really need to have a regular show there! I so detest “Never Trumpers” Erickson and Von Haessler that I turn off the radio when they come on. I will never forget the role those two played in trying to keep Patriot Trump out of the White House.

    Alan, we are living in historic times and I truly believe the Good Lord intervened to give us a last shot at survival. I believe He brought forth Donald Trump as the man for our times. I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    Best of luck to you going forward…I do hope you are given your own show!!

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