Those Inglourious Wealthy Basterds

Polls are showing Bernie Sanders pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton. It's something a lot of people didn't think would happen. But I saw it coming months ago, before Clinton's scandals. Clinton could be the best angel from here until the primary election but it won't help. You see, she's old news. She was in 2008... Continue Reading →

We remind you: healthcare is not a right

With the problems surrounding both the launch of the website and all of the unintended consequences surrounding the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), it is important to remember that healthcare, in and of itself is not a right. Just because we "want" something or feel we are "owed" something, does not make is... Continue Reading →

No One’s Making You Work There

A bit ago, McDonalds posted a sample budget showing that one could survive financially on what they pay. They were smart enough to include the fact that you'd need a second job to make all your bills but, it could be done. Or could it? Shortly after publication, several McDonald's employees posted their actual expenses,... Continue Reading →

Obama’s truth often happens when off-script

I have long been of the belief that when someone says something off-the-cuff, you get a true glimpse into who they really are at their core.  Though often mistaken as a quote from Shakespeare, the phrase, "Many a true word hath been spoke in jest," comes from Roxburghe Ballads in 1665, (though Shakes did say, in King Lear, that jesters do oft... Continue Reading →

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