Democrats deliver results
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Boy, do Democrats know how to deliver results

On today's show, I think it is important to go through some of the accomplishments of the Democrat party while under Joe Biden. I know, I can hear you starting to grumble, but we need to be fair in our discussion as we head to the midterms. To lay the foundation, we go to Senator… Continue reading Boy, do Democrats know how to deliver results

Laying the foundation to gaslight
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They are laying the foundation to gaslight you after Nov 8

Today's show starts off with a brief recap of the nonsense production of the J6 Committee. I believe they have helped in providing a simple litmus test for whether or not people are suffering from even a mild case of mental health derangement. To believe the J6 Committee is looking for truth, means you should… Continue reading They are laying the foundation to gaslight you after Nov 8

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Those Troubling Consenting Adults

Everybody's doing it. Well, maybe Morrissey isn't doing it. For some reason, every interview he does, the lame nut holding the microphone feels the need to ask that question. And on each occasion, he's dismissed it. It has nothing to do with his music, he says. It isn't important. Good for him for holding out… Continue reading Those Troubling Consenting Adults

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The Adventures of Busy-Body-Bloomberg

New York Mayor Bloomberg isn’t satisfied being your savior from large quantities of super, syrupy, sugary goodness. Nor is he content cracking down on smoking or junk food. He’s out to spoil all the fun stuff and guilty pleasures. Now he’s coming after earbuds, those darling little pieces we place directly into the ear canal… Continue reading The Adventures of Busy-Body-Bloomberg