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Maskaholics and dealing with changing science

In today's episode, I return to a subject that has left me, more often than not, exacerbated at the discussion of masks as a way of protecting the populace from an airborne virus. Since the public transportation mandate was struck down (why did it take this long?), Leftists have been losing their minds. The symbol… Continue reading Maskaholics and dealing with changing science

Anti-establishment becomes establishment
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When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

In this episode, I wonder when did anti-establishment become the establishment? When did the hippies of the 60's and 70's, who made their fortunes on being anti-government, anti-big business, anti-censorship -- basically anti-establishment, decide they are now part of the establishment? It's something I cannot wrap my mind around. But first, I open todays' show… Continue reading When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

Failures of public health
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The failures of public health

In this episode, I breakdown many of the known failures of public health related to it's Covid response. The fact is, so many doctors now know those policies aren't working and it doesn't seem to matter. We have put just about all of our eggs in the "vaccine" basket and it's easier to tell people… Continue reading The failures of public health