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Glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world

In this episode, I am happy to see glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world. Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks. The CDC admitted cloth masks do not work. EU scientists realized the virus cannot be beat with non-stop boosters. The WHO worries boosters may weaken or burn out the… Continue reading Glimpses of sanity in a Covid-mad world

So many things wrong
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They got so many things wrong

In this episode I remind the audience how new media seems to always be 12 to 18 months ahead of mainstream outlets. At the start of the pandemic, any discussion over the virus being created in a lab would get you de-platformed. Discussion of gain-of-function research was dismissed as conspiracy theory. Suggesting the vaccine isn't… Continue reading They got so many things wrong

Freedom Mass Formation Psychosis
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Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

In today's episode I find myself aware how tenuous the notions of freedom are, especially when faced with fear. Freedom is easily pushed aside while under a mass hypnosis. To understand how we got here, we first revisit the teachings of Machiavelli. Though a ruler can rule by loving his subjects, love is a fickle… Continue reading Freedom vs mass formation psychosis

Failures of public health
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The failures of public health

In this episode, I breakdown many of the known failures of public health related to it's Covid response. The fact is, so many doctors now know those policies aren't working and it doesn't seem to matter. We have put just about all of our eggs in the "vaccine" basket and it's easier to tell people… Continue reading The failures of public health