Emotions stop truth
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Emotions have a way of stopping the truth

In today's episode, I wanted to be a little more philosophical about how many of us process the news. I am always wondering why so many continue to blindly believe the mainstream media, no matter how many times they are wrong. What is it that convinces so many to say, "Sure, okay, they got that… Continue reading Emotions have a way of stopping the truth

Disinformation and erosion of democracy
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Disinformation and erosion of Democracy or business as usual

In today's episode, I take a deeper look at the content coming out of the, "Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy," conference taking place on the campus of the University of Chicago. While disguised as a conference about people who seem to worry about disinformation, the vast majority of it's panelist are guilty of that… Continue reading Disinformation and erosion of Democracy or business as usual

Rising Tide of Autocracy
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Trudeau reveals rising tide of autocracy

In this episode, I open with a reminder of how a ruling party can rise to an autocratic regime. The steps are relatively simple. First, you declare your opposition as an enemy. This can be done by vilifying them via labeling along with the assistance of a complicit legacy media. With the narrative established and… Continue reading Trudeau reveals rising tide of autocracy

Limiting information is always bad
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Limiting information is always bad

In this episode, I spend some time discussing the nature of limiting information. It is so easy to fall into the altruistic trap of saying, nothing should be uttered unless it's true. There should be no sources of misinformation or disinformation. On the surface, it sounds like a wonderful concept, but in reality, it's a… Continue reading Limiting information is always bad

Anti-establishment becomes establishment
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When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

In this episode, I wonder when did anti-establishment become the establishment? When did the hippies of the 60's and 70's, who made their fortunes on being anti-government, anti-big business, anti-censorship -- basically anti-establishment, decide they are now part of the establishment? It's something I cannot wrap my mind around. But first, I open todays' show… Continue reading When anti-establishment becomes the establishment

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Interview with Stacey Lennox of PJ Media

In this episode, I was able to sit down with Stacey Lennox who has been writing for PJ Media since April of 2020. Prior to that, she was a writer for The Resurgent. As a new media news investigator, Stacey works incessantly at cutting through the mainstream media clutter and disinformation. She always strives for… Continue reading Interview with Stacey Lennox of PJ Media