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Democrats angry we are a Republic and abortion helps inflation

In today's episode, we deal with the "show vote" that took place yesterday by Democrats to try to pass the most radical and offensive abortion law this country has ever seen. While saying they were trying to codify Roe v. Wade, what they were actually doing was expanding abortion up to the very instant of… Continue reading Democrats angry we are a Republic and abortion helps inflation

Whoopi race theory Judge Janice Rogers Brown
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Whoopi, race theory and Janice Rogers Brown

In this episode, I continue to look at the firestorm Whoopi Goldberg has created around herself by saying the Holocaust was not about race. She tried to explain herself on the Stephen Colbert Show. It was a lame attempt at an apology. Her excuse? When she thinks about "race" she thinks of it from a… Continue reading Whoopi, race theory and Janice Rogers Brown

Voting laws and the filibuster
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Voting laws and the filibuster

In this episode I comment on President Joe Biden's latest failed attempt to paint all Republicans as member of the Ku Klux Klan. Last week, the narrative was to try using the anniversary of the Capitol riot as a way to paint the whole GOP as violent, domestic terrorist insurrectionists. After a week, that attempt… Continue reading Voting laws and the filibuster

Social media is today's digital town square
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Social media is today’s digital town square

In today's episode, I do my best to tackle the notions of social media being solely a private enterprise. This is often the only argument offered as to why it's okay for "Big Tech" to de-platform voices they don't like. It's one thing if these supposedly private companies want to alienate a portion of it's… Continue reading Social media is today’s digital town square

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Straddling the Walls of Versailles

Henry the VIII, unhappy with the rules of the Catholic Church regarding divorce, simply usurped the commands of the Vatican, instituted the Church of England and called himself Supreme Head of the new agency. There, all better. No more threats of excommunication from Rome. When one in power doesn't get his way, he may change… Continue reading Straddling the Walls of Versailles

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Green Eggs & Prayer

So we had another Filibuster. Although this one is a little “f”. It didn't stop a vote. It stalled it. The blabby-blab-blabathon clocked in at over twenty-one hours. Technically, not a big “F” filibuster but...did it work? No. The intention was missed and the Republican Party is being called all sorts of nasty names round… Continue reading Green Eggs & Prayer