Biden's speech was dark
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Biden’s campaign speech was dark, depressing, foreboding and angry

Well, folks, I called it on yesterday's show. President Joe Biden's campaign speech was dark, depressing, foreboding and angry. Whomever on his team thought dark red lighting against stark brick walls and harsh shadows and silhouettes was going to be positive and uplifting must have flunked out of film school. The optics were every bit… Continue reading Biden’s campaign speech was dark, depressing, foreboding and angry

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Sods of Plastic

  You thinking what I’m thinking? Or better yet, you thinking what I concluded back in 1996? What exactly does the GOP stand for? Healthcare has been their issue throughout the Obama Administration. They attempted to repeal it sixty times while he was in office. Mostly this was a dog and pony because they knew… Continue reading Sods of Plastic

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What’s wrong with the GOP?

Whenever a controversy erupts, why do democrats seem to always circle their wagons and protect each other, whereas republicans will immediately eat their own? Is it part of the loyalty pledge? What causes one party to act out of self-preservation while the other seems bent on self-destruction? The Democrat Party has long prided itself on its… Continue reading What’s wrong with the GOP?

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Reckoning Day – Party Over

They did it to themselves. And I tried to do a bit part in cleaning it up with a list of suggestions here and here. But no one listened (except you, loyal readers, who came by those years in this blog's infancy). Donald Trump is sweeping up the Republican nomination. To date, he's only lost… Continue reading Reckoning Day – Party Over

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ICYMI: Why we looked back while keeping eye on midterms

The holidays have come and gone. College football has a new BCS champion. The NFL wildcard games lived up to their name and the Superbowl is just around the corner. 2014 is underway and this will be a huge year in terms of politics in our nation with the midterms elections set for November. Many… Continue reading ICYMI: Why we looked back while keeping eye on midterms